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  • Created on 08 Jul 2018
Tuition Level/Subject
P6, S1/English
Max Class Size
Sunday 12:00-15:00
Price per month
1 Brooke Road #B1-31 Katong Plaza 429979
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Class Description
An engaging English class is one where there are discussions, interaction and the learning of relevant knowledge. Students are able to learn about current affairs from newspaper articles and discuss their views. This helps them improve in their oral and communication skills. Afterall, what is the point of knowing lots of wonderful vocabulary when you are not given the opportunity to make use of them in speaking, writing and presenting your views? Using Mind-Mapping to collect their ideas first before beginning their composition writing is also taught and its importance emphasized. Planning, collating and organising of views are essential life skills and it is best mastered through constant practise. During our English classes, we do not stay rooted at the first level of Bloom's taxonomy, but engage our students to be inspired in their application of what they have learnt. This allows them to break out of their comfort zones and rise above their own limitations and their peers in school. This then is what education at More Than Grades is all about and should be.
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