Ace Tutors is beloved throughout Singapore, for helping students achieve results and scores that they could not have done otherwise. Don't just take our word for it! Here are some of the many testimonials, given by our grateful parents who have accomplished much with us.

These comments are many and varied, where notable trends emerge from the crowd - everyone is thankful of our hard work, appreciative of how we strive to respond to them ASAP, pleased with our thoughtfulness and diligence, overjoyed at the results and much more. The verdict is clear - they would recommend us to their friends or utilise our services again in the future, where possible.

Thank you to all contributors for offering their kind words of support and encouragement. You motivate us to strive to work harder for you in the future, day after day, month after month and year after year!

"Taufiq & Joyce have been fabulous. Lina is very helpful. Justin is an understanding person. This is a wonderful team." - Jan2012 Anonymous Tutor

"I really appreciate the fact that when Lina called me yesterday and told her I was outside attending to something important, she did not press on. I got home and checked my e-mail, got info on possible tutors. This morning, your staff called me and I told her to deal with it later as was chairing a meeting with my staff. She apologised and settled the matter through e-mail. With my busy schedule at management level, I really appreciate working with individuals who do not come across as being too pushy in wanting to be of a service. Well done, and many thanks." - Jan2012 Parent: Mr Roslan

"I am happy with the service rendered." - Jan2012 Anonymous

"Joyce was very prompt, and was meticulous in looking out for a suitable tutor for my girl. Thank you." - Jan2012 Parent: Ms Tan

"Unlike other tuition agents, Ace tutors allow parents to speak to the potential tutors over the phone before commencing the tuition. This shows their sincerity in ensuring we get the right tutors." - Jan2012 Parent: Ms Tan

"The website is very helpful in the sense that it is transparent in helping us look at the portfolio and information of the tutor, able to assess them easily. The coordinator is also very fast in responding to the requests." - Jan2012 Parent: Mr Ho

"Joyce was very prompt, and was meticulous in looking out for a suitable tutor for my girl. Thank you." - Jan2012 Parent: Ms Tan

"It was quite fast, effective and feedback was sought at every stage. Quite good" - Jan2012 Parent: Mrs Ritu

"[The coordinators are] professional and they really take the initiative to get things done" - Jan2012

"Friendly and responsible coordinators [who] follow up closely with reminders to tutors before the commencement of the 1st lesson." - Jan2012 Anonymous

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James Chew(6388)

James was my son s tutor for Sec 4 combined science in Physics/Chem. My son was failing the subject in Sec 3 and James started tutoring him at...

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Ho Mei San(17433)

tutor is very dedicated in guiding my kid by tackling her weakness on reading, vocabs, and problem solving Maths. Very patient and professional....

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