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About Tuition Centre
Being one of the top 3 tuition centres in Woodlands, EduZ Tuition Centre is established in 2010. Lessons are conducted by former school teachers with at leas 7 years of teaching experience. Proven track record. EduZ Tuition Centre prides itself with providing premium education for primary, secondary and junior college students.
  • 306 Woodlands St 31 #01-35 (2nd Level) 730306 90625285
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    • Jun Yong (132 days ago)
      I attended my h2 maths class at this tuition centre. The tutor mr Dave is amazing. He really made the lessons come alive, with his specially prepared notes and materials and his sense of humor. I got A for my A levels. The price is competitive and the class size is kept really small too. I strongly recommend.

    • June Yan (56 days ago)
      Teachers are amazingly dedicated. I had so much fun in Mr Dave Math lesson. It makes H2 Math so much easier!!!

    • Elaine Yeong (27 days ago)
      I thank Eduz Tuition for guiding my child through his PSLE. I switched tuition centre when my child was pri 5 and he just took his PSLE last month. I believe he will score well given his good prelim results. The teachers (for Maths and English and Science) really made a difference to my child's understanding of the subjects as well as increased his confidence level.