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About Tuition Centre
An education at More Than Grades provides academic coaching, life-skills training as well as career coaching and guidance to students from Primary 5 to Junior College 2. We strongly believe that the real education is split into two components, the right Mindset/skills + good academic coaching. Hence, by infusing the life-skills element into academic learning, we are bold to claim ourselves as the future of education. Our tutors are addressed as Coaches for they go beyond classroom walls, care for your children’s future aspirations and not just focus merely on the grades they achieve. We invest additional time, resources and effort to know, understand and guide our students in other areas of their life, helping them to pinpoint their values, dreams and goals. Specializes in Math and English coaching. Our Coaches have researched students’ study habits extensively to develop unique instruction methods that are brain-compatible to accelerate the learning habits of our students.
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