Chinese Tuition - What Should You Look Out For?

by Justin Lee (58863 views)
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With so many Chinese Tuition options available out there, what should you as a parent be looking out for?

Chinese Learning Should Be Immersive

Chinese is best learnt in an environment where the language is extensively used. Chinese tuition should provide the environment where your child is able to listen, speak, read and write Chinese comfortably.

Listening in Chinese Tuition

Chinese learning is meaningful to a child only when they can understand the spoken Chinese around them. The Chinese Tuition that you choose should therefore be conducted at a level appropriate for your child.

Fun in Chinese Learning

A minimal level of fun is needed to make a Chinese Tuition engaging. Children love pictures and cartoons in their learning material, so check on how your Chinese tutor teaches and the kind of material that he/she uses.

Fun Must Be Balanced With Hardwork

Fun alone is not good enough. Your child needs to appreciate the hard-work and perseverance that is needed in any learning. Instilling a good mentality in your child will help him/her go further in Chinese learning, for life.

Start Early

It is always better to enroll in Chinese Tuition earlier than later, especially if your child is not reaching his/her full potential. Ensuring that your child has a firm foundation in Chinese will ease the learning woes encountered later in school life. Read about English tuition - Best practices for tutors View more articles