Corporate Tuition

Ace Tutors has designed a platform to help you find educators for your business needs. You can trust our expertise in providing you with an easy and value-for-money service. Contact us for a free trial now and enjoy benefits such as:

100+ tutor views on your postings daily, for up to 2 weeks.

Unlimited number of job applicants at only $39.90 per job post. (vs Straitstimes' rates)

Direct and immediate contact by suitable educators to your company.

The freedom to manage your online account anywhere, anytime.


If your education centre would like to try out Corporate Recruiter for free, please complete the contact form below or call 6100-2237.

Besides offering the Corporate Recruiter service, we do match tutors for tuition centres on the normal basis as well.
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Real Savings

Corporate Recruiting Plans

  • Single CREDIT
  • $39.90
  • 1 job post Credit
  • Business LITE
  • $106.90
  • Save 10%
  • 3 job post Credits
  • Business VALUE
  • $159.90
  • Save 20%
  • 5 job post Credits
  • Business CLASS
  • $279.90
  • Save 30%
  • 10 job post Credits
  • All Job Post Credits are valid for 1 year from date of purchase
  • Every job post is displayed on our assignment map for 2 weeks before expiry
  • Job posts can be edited freely within the first 3 days of posting
  • To ensure quality, each tutor is only allowed to apply for a maximum of 3 jobs a day
  • Every job post is broadcast to all educators of Ace Tutors via email
  • Applicants contact your company directly using the number and email address you supply
  • You can manage all aspects of your account online at our website
  • All packages are available only on pre-paid basis
  • Payments by cheque or bank transfer are both accepted
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