Cool Science Videos for Tuition

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Your science tuition can be made more interesting with the help of some relevant videos. Here is a compilation of science videos that tutors may use in their tuition:

1. Physics: World’s steepest roller coaster

Physics is so much fun, especially if you are an engineer in charge of designing the world’s meanest roller coaster. The following roller coaster in Japan features the steepest drop in the world at 121 degrees, and costs about SGD 15 per ride. Would you dare take a ride on this monster?

2. Physics: Play the TV on your shirt

Play the Simpsons show on your shirt, hopefully wirelessly. Maybe not so soon, but this cool scientist has built a wired prototype version around his not-so-cool lab coat.

3. Engineering: A boat and jumps and rolls

This is one great child-hood idea that became not only an engineering project, but possibly a commercial application in future. Meet the Dolphin boat which jumps out of water and does barrel rolls.

4. Physics: A robot seagull that flies

Master aerodynamics, and you may make robots fly effortlessly, just like the robot seagull in the next video. Weighing in at only 450g, this huge bird robot marvels a crowd at TEDx.

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