Here’s How You Can Make the Most of Online Tuition

by Valerie Foo (3974 views)
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Although the world is starting to move back to “normal”, there’s no doubt that online tuition classes are here to stay. After all, it is convenient and can be a great alternative to the traditional tuition classroom setting.



Whether you’re a tutor or tutee, you might be hesitant about online learning because it isn’t what you’re used to. Fortunately, there are several ways you can get the most of your online tuition classes.

  1. Treat it like a “real” class


Even though you’re not physically in class, there’s still the lesson to sit through and work to complete. So make it a point to “show up” and really dedicate the time to focusing on learning or teaching. When you approach an online class the same way you would a “real” class, there’s a higher chance of using the time productively.

  1. Eliminate all distractions


There are numerous distractions that can affect your concentration, especially when you’re at home. It might come as no surprise that one of the biggest distractions is your smartphone or iPad. As tempting as it is to reply that text or scroll through Instagram while in your online class, don’t do it!


Besides affecting your focus, these distractions don’t value add to your learning. We suggest using an anti-distraction app such as Forest, Freedom or Balanced, so that you stay focused in class.

  1. Ensure you have everything you need


Before your online tuition class, it helps to make sure that you all the necessary things you require – be it lesson material, your laptop charger or the web conferencing platform you’ll be using. By getting whatever you need sorted out before the online class, you’ll avoid wasting time in class.


  1. Set aside a regular study space


Find a productive spot at home to attend your online tuition classes at. Ideally, it helps to have a clean, tidy space with sufficient light and high-speed Internet access.


If you aren’t sure where you’re most productive at, why not experiment by attending lessons from different parts of your home? Once you discover the right place to boost your productivity, you’ll be able to establish a routine and teach or learn with ease.

  1. Hold yourself accountable by setting goals


It can be challenging to be responsible, especially when the tutor isn’t physically there to remind you to finish the work you’re assigned. However, this shouldn’t be an excuse to slack off. Instead, make a list of study goals and place them somewhere visible, so you have visual reminders. If you prefer having someone there to keep tabs on your progress, why not get a sibling or friend to check on you from time to time?


Tutors, you might want to talk to your tutees about simple goal setting if they are having a hard time adjusting to online classes. If all else fails, be patient and lend a listening ear so you can work towards a solution with your tutee.



Ready to get more out of your online tuition classes? Try these tips and let us know if they work for you!