How A Teacher's Behaviour In Class Affects Student Behaviour

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It has been said that the best way to teach is by example. This is true in the case of teachers modelling student behaviour. How a teacher behaves in class influences the way students behave. Teachers should therefore include in their behavioural programmes their very own behaviour. Are you enthusiastic about your subject? Are you fun to be with? Do you face difficult tasks with courage, or shrink at them? In situations where a student shows misconduct, do you fire back with an outrage or remain calm and collected? Your behaviour towards the subject, tasks, and other people's behaviour affect how your students behave. If you are enthusiastic about the subject you are teaching, then students will be enthused to listen to you and participate as well. If you are tardy in coming to class, then don't expect your students to come on time. If you dress up modestly, speak kindly, and act in a manner that is honourable, then your students will emulate the same. As a teacher, you should be happy when your students consider you as their role model. Emulation is the sincerest form of flattery. It tells you that your students esteem you highly and that they want to be just like you. Appropriate class behaviour impacts the learning experience. Some students have the audacity to leave the room even while class is ongoing. As a good teacher, it is your responsibility to assert yourself and what you know is right and not just let the student skip class. Make them stay and work them to the end of the period. Being firm and friendly is the way to go. With difficult students, never be inconsistent or waiver on a decision which you already made. They will take the slightest indication of your flinching as a sign of your weakness and will use this to be able to do what they want. Remember, it is your class, and you have the responsibility for the learning of your students. Let them know that you will say when they can leave, which is after the class is dismissed, and that they cannot just leave whenever they want to.

Modelling Is Also A Learning Technique

Not only is modelling behaviourial, it also impacts your students' learning technique. Notice how English teachers teach students how to read and write. The way teachers read a word or a sentence is most likely the way the children will also read it. Modelling is also important in practical work done in writing labs, Physics labs, and in solving Math problems. Do the activities you have prepared for your students first, and let them see you at it. For doing well, you will gain a legion of admirers who will stop at nothing until they have read, written, and solved Math problems the way you do. This said, a teacher is indeed a positive influence in every student's life. Read How a teacher can facilitate dream setting View more articles