Discovering your learning style

by Phebe Sim (6374 views)
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Knowing your learning style will help you study more efficiently because everyone learns differently. Learning is a personal process, so copying another person's method would be pointless. What works for others might not work for you!


To help you identify your learning style, here is an introduction of the various learning methods.




A visual learner learns best through visual aids such as graphs, charts, and mind maps.


Tips for visual learners:


  • Adding visual aids, such as pictures or diagrams, to your notes will help you to better understand them.
  • You can also separate your notes with visual cues like color coding




An auditory learner learns by listening. They tend to excel in storytelling and speech-giving.


Tips for auditory learners:


  • Rather than reading notes, listening attentively during class would be more efficient. Of course, you want to make sure you read your notes later to recap what has been taught in class.
  • Record your lectures so that you can replay them.




These learners learn best by reading texts and then consolidating them by rephrasing and rewriting. An annotation process would be most effective for people belonging in this group.


Tips for reading/writing learners:


  • Read and write out your own notes
  • Search online for information
  • Compile handouts and assignments to create own study materials




A kinesthetic learner learns best when there is physical movement involved. They need to move around occasionally to stay focused. This means that taking frequent breaks while studying would be beneficial as it helps to ensure that they aren’t blanking out during class.


Tips for kinesthetic learners:


  • When reading your notes, you might want to walk around or take a stroll
  • Trace words with your fingers when reading notes
  • Exercise regularly
  • Take frequent breaks when studying



As a learner, you should be most familiar with what kind of learning style suits you best. Discovering your own learning style will no doubt make you more confident in your ability to benefit from your learning.