Not doing too well in your exams? Here are some tips to boost your grades

by Phebe Sim (4611 views)
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It is normal to have poor grades and feel discouraged about it, but what’s more important is to take your first step out by seeking elevation and improvement.


There can be many possible contributing factors why you aren’t meeting expectations and your job is to find out what it is.


Let me share with you some tips that might help you figure out what went wrong.


Know the reason why you weren’t performing well



In order for you to come up with an effective solution to your problem, you need to know where your problem lies.


As an example, if I do not realize that the issue is my inability to understand concepts and only repeating the content during exams, I might come up with the wrong conclusion of being just under-prepared. Therefore, identifying the root cause to your poor performance is crucial.


You'd be surprised how effective a good solution plan will be in raising your grades! Take the time to reflect and think things through!



Establish and maintain a good mental health


Maintaining a good mental health even as a student


Rather than feeling forced to study, you should develop an enthusiasm for every subject you take.It’s pretty simple, if you don’t like what you’re studying, what you’re studying doesn’t like you either!


It is also important to let yourself adopt a positive mindset and avoid feeling depressed or stressed during an examination, as that will only lead to overthinking and doubting yourself.


As long as you have studied and done your due diligence, give yourself some credit.



Know what learning style suits you best


A student answering a question in Biology class


Individuals learn differently. Some people are visual learners, whereas others are auditory learners. What works for others may not work well for you and it is pointless to try and copy the learning style of A* students.


Do you study better at night or in the day? Are you easily under pressure and needs to start revision early? Are you the kind that needs a lot of practice to grasp concepts well?


Do take some time to quiz yourself on what kind of person you are in terms of your learning capabilities. Once you discover what works best for you, learning will become easier, and you will be more confident in scoring.


Raise questions to your teachers


A student asking a question to satisfy his curiosity.

You should never be afraid to ask any questions you have to your teachers, whether they are in a classroom setting or individually. This can actually help you build up a good rapport and eventually reduce your fear of asking questions.


Refraining from asking questions would also pile up the number of doubts you have, which is probably what you want to avoid in the long run.


I mean, teachers are there to help you, why should you be afraid of them.


Engage in a Private tutor


Engage a private tutor with Ace Tutors.

Getting a private tutor for yourself can be really beneficial. You would be able to learn at your own convenience since the schedule is flexible, and you are also assured that there will always be a reliable professional to approach if you need any help.


If you are the type that is timid and shy, and afraid to ask questions in class, a private tutor would be helpful.


Compared to a big classroom setting, the tutor’s attention is undivided and can have full focus on you, which would put you at an advantage.


Set a realistic Goal


Setting goals will help you realize the steps one needs to take to work towards them.

Do not just study blindly. By having a goal to work towards to, you will be more motivated to study.

 For example, you can aim to improve by 10 marks for the next examination, or at least a B for every subject. Any sort of goal is fine, as long as it is achievable and realistic.

You can also design a vision board and place it somewhere that is easily visible. This will give you your daily dose of motivation!




Finally, you’re your only person, and no one understands yourself better than you do. Understand what you really need, take action, and go boost your grades!