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Tan Zhi Xiang (25158)

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  • Last updated on 11 Feb 23
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Tuition Areas [...]
Online Tuition, Pasir Ris, North East, Bedok/Chai Chee, East Coast, Hougang, Marine Parade, Punggol, Sengkang, Tampines/Simei, Changi, Expo, Tanah Merah, Buangkok, Kovan
Tuition Background
Tuition/Teaching Experience
4 years tutoring experiencing - both private and at tuition centre - Pure physics, Pure Chem, Combined Phy/Chem
1 year contract teaching at MOE secondary school
- Pure&Comb Phy
Education [...]
  • 'A' Levels (2013-2014)
    • H2 Physics - A
    • H2 Maths - B
    • H2 Chemistry - B
    • H2 Economics - D
    • General Paper - D
  • Dunman Secondary School (2009-2012)
    • English - B3
    • Combined Humanities (Geog - A2
    • Mathematics - A1
    • Additional Mathematics - A1
    • Physics - A2
    • Chemistry - A1
    • Biology - A1
    • Chinese - B4
Tutoring Subjects
  • Primary level - English Mathematics Science 
  • Lower secondary level - English Mathematics Science 
  • Upper secondary level - A Maths Chemistry E Maths English Physics 
  • Music - Guitar - Theory (Beginner), Practical (Beginner, Leisure)
Commitment / Other Details
1 Week Notice to start for me to prepare if needed. Able to commit the academic year.
Rapport Building
I have a fair bit of handling secondary school kids. I have 4 years of experience returning back to my secondary school to facilitate leadership training camps for the school student as an alumnus. I aim to be more lighthearted around with the kids and only be strict when necessary should i deem that that a gesture or reaction that the kid has may or may not be good for him/her in the long run. That being said, I will value the opinions and teachings of the parents over my own and offer my two cents worth if necessary in order to be the middle man between the student and parents
Keeping Up with Curriculum
I intend to make use of references books and cross-check with the material that the school provides for the student. I do have my own materials from when i was back in school, as well as some friends who are MOE teachers that i am in contact with that I can cross reference the materials that i have
As a Good Tutor
I believe that a good tutor caters to the learning ability of the student and prepares a lesson plan according to the student's ability. Furthermore, it is my personal opinion I would want to be a tutor that teaches beyond the materials on books. As most tutors out there, we all have been through the education system Singapore has to offer, and all if not most will agree that there is a sure-way of 'grinding' in order to achieve results in the Education system. However, I feel that that is the pitfall of the education system and it teaches you to be a worker rather than a thinker within a workforce. Thus, I believe that a good tutor brings out, and nurtures an independent thinker - that can be an efficient problem solver that knows how to handle unseen problems.
Accept Below Average Rate?
Yes, willing to accept below average rate
Handle Special Needs Children?
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Assignments Taken
  • Secondary 1 Science Normal Technical tuition - Feb 23