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I have been teaching for 4 year plus for sec math. Currently a full time tutor I'm punctual and flexible for the tuition timings. I'm able to explain maths concepts in a simple way by drawing analogies. I'm currently teaching in tuition centers as well. Join my group tuition to enjoy
a higher quality lesson in a small dynamic size AND at a cheaper rate! Also, join my social media group for more studies and personal development related knowledge!
Education [...]
    • math - A
    • physics - B
    • chemistry - C
  • ahmad ibrahim secondary school (2004-2007)
    • a math - A!
    • e math - A1
    • physics - A2
    • chinese - B3
    • higher chinese - B3
    • chemistry - B3
    • biology - B3
Tutoring Subjects
  • Primary level - Chinese Higher Maths Mathematics Science 
  • Lower secondary level - Chinese Mathematics Science 
  • Upper secondary level - A Maths Bio/Chem Chemistry Chinese E Maths Higher Chinese Physics Physics/Chem 
  • Junior college level - Maths 
Commitment / Other Details
Currently i am full time tutor. A graduate from NUS Biomedical Engineering with Honours Degree.

Specialise in SEC math. Have taught over 20 plus students. I'm good at teaching maths and i assure that if the student puts in effort to do his/her homework, he/she will definitely improve.
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"Tutor comes on time and on dates informed.
She makes an attempt to complete what she is teaching though exceed time at times. She is not calculative. She helps my son with her own notes and explains clearly. Tutor does not use her mobile during lesson and is very focused in assiting my son in obtaining his grades. My son understands what is taught, most importantly." - Ms Mary
Assignments Taken
  • Primary 4 Mathematics tuition - May 15
  • Primary 4 Mathematics tuition - Sep 14
  • Secondary 3 A Maths & Bio/Chem tuition - Nov 13
  • Secondary 3 A Maths tuition - Feb 13
  • Secondary 4 A Maths & Physics & Chemistry tuition - Jan 13